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Posted On: 19-Jun-2020
Job No. 13712


  • Ensure safe working conditions have been established by reviewing documentation (including procedures, job hazard analysis, and permits)
  • Audit energy program for construction, commissioning, maintenance and operations activities
  • Work with construction and commissioning teams to ensure safe working conditions to properly test and validate installation, operation, and performance of MEP systems
  • Work closely with Safety team to drive operational excellence in all aspects of the Control of Hazardous Energy.
Posted On: 19-Jun-2020
Job No. 13711


  • Perform risk assessment analysis
  • Ensure proper documentation and risk assessment records
  • Min 3 years of experience in building construction
  • Engineering background (hence this role would be more familiar with the methods and risks involved)
  • Good communication skills
  • Registered Safety Officer (RSO) certification


Posted On: 14-May-2020
Job No. 13694

Assist the M&E Manager in co-ordinating electrical works on site. 

With Data Centre experience

Posted On: 05-May-2020
Job No. 13684

The candidate must be familiar with Procore management and Aconex Tool.

Posted On: 30-Apr-2020
Job No. 13683
  • "List the Minimum Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities required to perform the duties of this position and which you will use as criteria for making your selection decision"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  • WSHO  with 10 years experience  (preferably training experience) & MS Office                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
  • List Skills, Abilities and Prior Experience that are preferred                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA)
Posted On: 15-Apr-2020
Job No. 13679


  • Planning & Programming 
  • Ensure design co-ordinations and the development of 3D Models and fundamental approval are in accordance to schedule. 
  • Quality 
  • Ensure 3D Models created capture all instructions or changes issued by Consultants. 
  • Co-ordinate process of 3D Models development and ensure Models are delivered within sufficient time frame for co-ordination of MEP and other trade works. 
  • To highlight discrepancies in Consultants’ drawings and obtain resolution during process of 3D Model development. 
  • Safety 
  • Responsible for the compliance to safety & occupational health practices to be implemented at Design Section and Design subcontractors with IMS safe work methods. 
  • Responsible for site implementation of safety standards to comply with IMS safe work methods. 
Posted On: 15-Apr-2020
Job No. 13678

Provide Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) enforcement support
Identify and assess any foreseeable risk arising from the workplace or work processes.
Recommend / take reasonably practical action to eliminate any foreseeable risk to any person who is at work in that workplace.
Ensure safe work procedures are implemented to control risk.
Recommend reasonably practical measures to minimize the risk.
Inspect and examine any machinery, equipment, plant, installation or article in the workplace.
Enforce site safety practices.
Organize safety & health awareness program for the site.
Conduct site safety & health audit.
Conduct site safety & health meeting and prepare reports for relevant parties.
Prepare hazard analysis reports.
Prepare safety & health management programmes and ensures effective implementation.
Inspect and examine workplace records, certificates, notices and documents kept or required to be kept under the WSHA.
Minimum 5 years of WSH experience, with minimum 3 years of post-registration and practical experience


Posted On: 12-Dec-2019
Job No. 13600
  • To coordinate and oversee all lifting operation within the work site ensuring compliance with WSH Regulations & project’s HSE procedures.
  • To conduct & record daily briefing with the hoisting crew (include the operators)
  • To verify all lifting plans to ensure lifting operation will be carried out safely and there shall be no concurrent lifting activity carried out by tower crane and crawler crane within same vicinity
  • To verify and ensure the proposed location for crawler crane parking is in accordance to PE design
  • To inspect crane parking ground at least once a week or after inclement weather
  • To provide technical advice on matters pertaining to rigging / lifting operations
  • To conduct regular checks on working condition of all Lifting Gears on site to ensure it is in good working condition
  • To ensure all LM & LGs are within 6months validity period.
  • To keep a log on the crane break downs and the duration.
  • To maintain the Tower crane / Crawler crane individual Files
Posted On: 05-Nov-2019
Job No. 13542
  •  Prepare tender documents ,electrical drawings (SLDs, block diagrams, and layouts for projects.
  •  Attend all meetings with client, project team, contractors etc.
  •  Identification, selection and design of electrical equipments for projects.
  •  Undertaking design verification and providing calculations as required for projects. 
  • Participating in design reviews with client, taking necessary follow up actions accordingly.
  •  Illumination calculation using conventional methods & using software, choice of luminaries, lighting load and transformer capacity calculation. 
  • Calculation of short circuit current, voltage drop, sizing of cables & selection of circuit breakers 
  • Conceptual design development as and when require during projects. 
  • Review and management of projects from inception to post construction duties.
Posted On: 08-Oct-2019
Job No. 13391
  • Develop, maintain and ensure the site document management system including procedures, guidelines, templates, numbering, filing are compliance to both client and company’s standard.
  • Ensure documentations are updated to the latest version and issued to relevant contractors.
  • Ensure control of changes/updates/proper filing/archival and easy retrieval in the document management system.
  • Ensure the site document retention schedule align with client guidelines and meeting the regulatory requirements.
  • Responsible for receiving, logging, and distribution of all shop drawings and technical submissions, specifications, instructions and procedures by Consultant, Client, Vendors and Subcontractor as well as documents originating from the company.
  • Be a central controller for record management program, provide cataloging of the existing archival system, allocate archival space and issue proper retention schedule label code for department owners.
  • Prepare project documentation for archiving according to Client's standard to ensure traceability.
  • Periodic review of archived document due for retention schedule.
  • Provide training on record management program, document management system and coaching site users on document hierarchy, document structure and formatting requirement
  • Maintain inspection readiness and support inspections from regulatory agencies and customers.
  • Assist in project standard document preparation and maintenance of software standards as a librarian.
  • Quality auditing of project documentation ensuring compliance to procedures.
  • Assist to escalate and follow up on non conformance and delays.
  • Assisting in coordination and monitoring of administrative activities to facilitate and expedite the workflow.
  • Prepare and maintain weekly data matrices.
  • Prepared and analyzed documents for project closeout and record turnover.
  • Assist project team with other general administrative duties as required eg taking on the role of Project Site Secretary.