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Posted On: 21-Nov-2018
Saudi Arabia
Job No. 13248



JobTitle                      ReliabilityEnhancement Sr. Manager

Reportingto    Plant General Manager


Deptis responsible for managing business reliability of the Power Company servicesincluding maintenance and facility performance of areas such as

·      QA/QC(maintenance inspection of static equipment)

·      IMS (QualityManagement System, Environment Management System and OHSAS)

·      ConditionMonitoring such as vibration, temperature and facility performance monitoring

·      Developingoverall reliability program to improve the business reliability covering allservices and implementation working with other plant departments. This programincludes all items related to maintenance program, work quality, spare partsetc.


Meetcontractual commitments by providing efficient & reliable O&M servicesachieve KPI targets defined in Operating Philosophy Manual.

·      Carryout 100% OSI annual inspections on all static equipment in both thedesalination and power plants.

·      Analyze100% of the relevant maintenance activities.

·      Achievetarget scheduled Condition Monitoring activities in order to detect earlyfailure in equipment and scheduled Performance Tests activities in order toguarantee adequate Major Equipment Performance.


2.         Job Duties & Responsibilities

Assist Plant General Manager for all O&Mactivities including following items:

·      ConductReliability Enhancement Program to improve overall reliability of RPC servicemainly focusing on maintenance.

·      OverallReliability Enhancement Program of all RPC services

·      MaintenanceProgram (RCM, RBI, Bad Actor, Life Cycle Management, Maintenance Preventionetc.)

·      IntegratedManagement System (QMS, EMS and OHSAS)

·      Managingand improving inspection programs

·      StatisticalAnalyzing of records to develop strategy

·      Handlingcritical troubles

·      ERMRepresentative

·      Managingroutine QA/QC job and condition monitoring

·      Specialjob ordered by Plant General Manager


3.         Qualification:Education/Training/Professional License

·      Universitygraduate / BS degree (Mechanical or related fields) with Master's degreepreferred.




Posted On: 21-Nov-2018
Job No. 13249
Specialist who can direct subcon to pour concrete.
Hands on experience required
Posted On: 20-Nov-2018
Job No. 13246
Short description The site project scheduler supports the lead project scheduler in
maintaining and controlling the project schedule model for site
activities. He is supervised by/ reports to the lead project scheduler on
technical issues and to the site manager on site-related and
organisational issues.
Allocated Process Category Construction and Project Scheduling
Allocated Process Group Site Management
? maintains and controls the construction schedule model
? provides related reporting
? interacts and communicates with the site team and the lead project
scheduler according to the project communication procedures and
on an as-needed basis
? informs the site team which project-specific input is required for
scheduling purposes
? attends the monthly project status meeting with site management,
site superintendents (SSI) & site supervisors
? attends other site co-ordination meetings and reviews minutes of
meeting with regard to scheduled activities and potential impacts
? participates in other internal and external review meetings and
prepares required documentation
? assists the site team to understand and use the schedule
? keeps an independent and impartial position in the site team
? maintains an objective overall view of the project schedule issues
? co-ordinates time-off periods with site management and lead
project scheduler
Tasks Main tasks in regular intervals and on dates as agreed:
? expedite timely progress update with the responsible managers
? carry out spot checks / plausibility checks of the progress data and
reports discrepancies to MC management / site management.
? carry out the progress update of the civil construction, erection and
pre-commissioning sub-networks according to the agreed update
calendar using the pre-defined progress reports based on inputs
provided by site team
? prepare and distribute 6-week look-ahead schedules
? prepare and distribute updated progress curves and resources
consumption charts, compares planned and actual progress
figures, productivity and resources, analyse the deviations and their
effects and report to the site management and the lead project
? prepare and distribute the schedule layout and narrative of the float
/ critical path analysis
? consult with the lead project scheduler on potential schedule errors
and implement changes after approval by lead project scheduler
? discuss and agree with the site management and the lead project
scheduler whether schedule or quantity deviations are considered
to be substantial and thus require re-calculation of the planned
progress curves, and enter the quantity variances into the progress
curve & revised resource loading based on quantity variance into
the schedule model
? check the measures to be taken in case of delays with the site
management in order to meet the scheduled dates, track their
implementation in the schedule model and report to the site
management and the lead project scheduler
? monitor any changes regarding the construction activities and
document time impacts (tkIS, subcontractors, client) on the 6 week
look-ahead print-out and critical path print-out and narrative
? prepare input to internal and external site reports according to
formats & frequency agreed with the site manager
? prepare additional schedules (e.g. what-if scenarios) and report as
required by the site management
? other scheduling / reporting related minimal weekly duties as
assigned by the site management
Secondary tasks in irregular intervals
? discuss and agree modifications to the current schedule with the
site management and the lead project scheduler and implement the
agreed modifications on an as-need basis
? prepare time impact analysis for potential claims with the site
contract manager and under supervision of the lead project
scheduler on an as-need basis
? provide input to the scheduling close-out report
? Any other tasks that are assigned by Line Manager/Site
? technical authority to execute project scheduling tasks including
schedule model maintenance

Excellent Software skills (MS Office – Excell/Word/Powerpoint, 

The position requires a professional experience of 2-5 years in project

Posted On: 20-Nov-2018
Job No. 13247
? Acting as Site OSH Manager in case of his absence
? Managing on site OSH team and staff
? Safety instruction on construction site
? Implementation and enforcement of the Site OSH Plan and Site
OSH Instructions
? Coordinating on-site occupational health and safety
? OSH inspections
? Effective implementation of Permit to work procedure
? Recording on-site accidents
? Performing OSH audits
? Checking hazard assessments prepared by the subcontractors.

? A formal qualification in OSH or NEBOSH general certificate or
equivalent recognized qualification in OSH.
? Advanced English skills required ( written / verbal).
? Ability to write site reports.
? Minimum working experience 10 years in international projects
including construction sites, including 3 years of experience in
similar position.
? This experience should be relevant to construction industry
pertaining to refineries, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers plants etc,
with international contractors.
? Experience of working with tk / tkIS is preferred.

Posted On: 19-Nov-2018
Job No. 13245

§  Regional Market Strategy & Planning

o  Develop 3 year strategy for APAC region(working with regional branch offices)

    • Develop 1 year operations plan for APAC region (including MBOs, KPIs, Action Plans)
    • Undertake regional performance reviews (at least annually)
    • Guide regional offices with strategy development (strategy templates and instructions)
    • Review new market / product entry processes improvement
    • Engage with HQ on selection of new target countries and support country surveys
    • Support overall localization strategy and operations plan
    • Support development of key investment initiatives
    • Support other planning activities e.g. headcount and cost assessments, cash flow assessments, resource capabilities, other updates as needed
    • Facilitate internal meetings/ workshops (Enterprise Risks, Efficiency Workshops, Strategy Sessions and etc.)
    • Prepare weekly summary of major operational issues which are impacting on the company

§  Market Intelligence

    • Undertake macro-environment market research, analysis, interpretation and insights for economic, financial, industrial, environmental, legal changes in local markets
    • Analyze competitor profitability and benchmark for insights (business models, markets / products / overseas localization (entry form, resourcing)/ management systems etc).
    • Analyze client financial performance and implications for project funding
    • Monitor regional newspapers and inform upper management of key articles of interest

§  Business Development

    • Support business development activities for regional projects including initial meetings with local developers or partners (working with regional or HQ teams)
    • Support executive business trips / client meetings etc. with appropriate briefing materials
    • Prepare client networking events, support Partner Days and Safety days with appropriate presentation materials
    • Inform HQ PR teams of major events undertaken by the local office for use in external marketing materials
    • Support CSR activities


§ Master’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, orEngineering

§ 6-8 years of experience working in strategy and planning, businessmanagement, marketing, or management consulting

§ Experience working within the EPC industry is required, preferably at amultinational general contractor or design consultant

§ Ability to analyze complex data sets to produce meaningful insights andrecommendations for senior management  (written and verbal form)

§ Experience working with international teams (ability to be the go topoint at different  levels between HQ and regional offices)

§ Ability to work to tight deadlines for multiple teams with minimalsupervision

§ Strong interest in the engineering and construction industry and passionto drive performance

§ Strong skills in Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

§ Some travel required to international branch offices / project sites


Posted On: 16-Nov-2018
Job No. 13244

Reporting to Project Management Manager,incumbent will collaborate with the HSE team and EPCM Contractors HSE to managesafety and risk associated with upcoming construction projects and ensurecompliance with all applicable safety regulations.


Key duties andresponsibilities:

·        In depthknowledge of construction HSE hazards, and their mitigation.

·        Review andapprove EPC Contractors Construction HSE Plan, Working at Heights Plan, TrafficManagement Plan, and Waste Management Plan and assess that human resources,tools and procedures are in place to implement these Plans.

·        Performimplementation oversight of the EPCM Contractors HSE and other Plans and adviseNeste HSE Manager and Neste Construction Management Team of significant HSEissues in a timely manner.

·        Receivestewardship reports on lagging and leading KPI’s from EPCM Contractor on HSEperformance and advise accordingly.

·        Monitor EPCMcontractor management of the HSE aspects of the Construction Contractor andtheir management of sub-contractors.

·        Follow up toensure a Construction Risk Register is in place for critical HSE risks andassociated mitigations.

·        Share safety tools,knowledge and training with EPCM contractor and construction companies asnecessary in order to meet the Owners Team HSE Objectives.

·        Review theEPCM Contractors Emergency Response and Oil Spill Plan and emergency drillschedule to test response.

·        Assess EPCMContractors Management / Supervisors and workers knowledge, skills andabilities to plan and execute the work safely.

·        Review EPCMContractors initial and refresher training programs and processes to monitoreffectiveness.

·        Review of EPCMContractor Management /Supervisors and Site Contactors Management/ Supervisorsacceptance and demonstration of their line management responsibility for safetyso as not to rely on HSE Site personnel policing safety. This requiresmanagement and supervisors to show active and visible participation in theimplementation and execution of HSE Plans.

·        Develop acollaborative working relationship with the EPCM Contractors HSE Team and theSingapore Site HSE team.

·        Monitor siteactivities to ensure that processes are in place and working to report NearMisses and Incidents, that root causes are identified; learnings are capturedfrom incidents and participate in significant investigations.

·        Review siteculture and advise EPCM Contractor that a healthy no blame culture allows foropen dialog about hazards, incidents and near miss reporting.

·        Used toworking on sites with people speaking different languages and the toolsnecessary to ensure communication.

·        Review the useof behavioral safety tools for worker engagement/ involvement and empowerment.For example Approaching Others or similar

·        Review theEPCM Contractors HSE Program to ensure a focus is on preventing incidentsthrough the elimination of unsafe conditions / behaviors or systemdeficiencies.

·        Carry out SiteHSE Audits/Inspections, review of Permit to Work System/Risk Assessments/TaskRisk Assessments and Safe Plans of Action.

·        Ensuresufficient time is allocated to site visits to gain an understanding of safetyissues and to actively promote safety.

·        Attend sitesafety meetings and participate in safety review processes.

·        Follow up toensure that an appropriate rewards and recognition program is in place forconstruction that rewards proactive safe behavior as well as LTI/ TRImilestones.

·        Review EPCMContractor and subcontractors process/program for inspection and maintenance ofsite equipment and power tools, and for the inspection of scaffolds and liftingequipment.

·        Review EPCMContractors process for efficient and effective communication on HSE mattersand that these programs are backed up by publicity and promotion.

·        Ensure thatconstruction does not start until all HSE Plans are in place and that apre-Construction Readiness Review has been performed.

·        Review EPCMcontractors Audit and Inspection Plan and its implementation.

·        Review EPCMContractors disciplinary process for dealing with personnel who willfully orrecklessly have disregard for their own safety and the safety of others.



·        Diploma inOccupational Health, Safety and Environmental or Chemical/Mechanical/EnvironmentalEngineering

·        Minimum 5years of experience in HSE , preferably in chemical plant construction orsimilar industry

·        Experience inISO9001,ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and SS506 Part 3 management system implementation

·        Familiar withResponsible Care and WSH award implementation and regulatory compliance

·        Experience inworkplace safety and process safety preferable

·        Strong workethic, positive attitude , good communication skill, good team player anddemonstrate safety leadership and mindset

Posted On: 15-Nov-2018
Job No. 13243


Core Accountabilities / Responsibilities:

  • CCJV contact point for Government related issues.
  • Coach and develop employee under area of responsibility
  • Effective work processes management that includes People Management, Work Process,  Information Management, various Government institutions Relationship Management
  • Demonstrates an overriding commitment to health, safety, environmental responsibility
  • Establish team execution procedures. Responsible for development/ implementation of Control standards, policies, procedures and guideline in line with Quality Management System requirement within area of responsibility

·         Responsible for the performance of all tasks needed for timely, successful

completion of the projects, in accordance with the client’s specifications, all contractual terms and Conditions

  • Lead Government related documentation and procedures
  • Review/approve documents Government related tasks
  • Direct Instruction/Supervision of employees to follow up with Government Departments on various official jobs
  • Monitoring the smooth operation of all Government related with the required efficiency
  • Ensure all back up documents are maintained as per legal and in house company requirements
  • Keep self, team members and Management updated about latest development in various Singapore law, legislative changes that will be applicable to CCJV and the project. Take appropriate steps to be in compliance with the statutory requirements
  • Renewal of Company licenses and registrations on time expecting anticipated changes in Policy and Procedures in Singapore
  • Management of MYE, renewal of Company Block Visas upon its expiry and maintain the records of used/un-used visas. Arrange Block Visa applications, as and when necessary
  • Maintain all Government related documents / file for Audit purpose (internal /external)
  • Deputize Site Interface Coordinator in successful implementation of all Interface related programs/tasks
  • To evaluate the performance of team member within area of responsibility

·         Enhance work operations, maintain professional standards and quality service

·         Contribute towards the achievement of company’s strategic and operational objectives

  • Ensure jobs are appropriately assigned and team members are aware/ accomplish of job responsibilities successfully
  • Effective resource optimization, minimize rework and reduction in loss of direct man-hours
  • Ensure lessons learned database is maintained effectively
  • Ensure appropriate backups are in place during employees leave absence, attrition and business runs smoothly during contingency
  • Ensure team members are participating in all organization level activities and are in compliance with programs implemented by company
  • Ensure team members are abiding the policies and procedures of CCJV
  • Responsible for performing assigned tasks within target timeline during employees leave of absence
  • Assist Engineering and Project Management employees with registrations with Singapore Professional Engineering body as per applicable law


Knowledge / Skills / Technical Competencies:

  • Incumbent must demonstrate broad experience in Oil, Gas Brownfield and Greenfield facilities, preferably with EPCM contractors. Singapore experience in similar companies is preferred.
  • Knowledge of Office Management systems and procedures
  • Knowledge of budgets, forecasting and metrics
  • Knowledge of business, financial principles and practices
  • Knowledge of corporate law, litigations, labor law and other applicable law for our scope of work
  • Ability to anticipate legal issues or risks and suggest/implement remedial steps
  • Proven ability to influence and motivate others for continuous process improvement
  • Knowledge of business application like MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel

Qualifications / Certifications

Experience in Government Permitting works in Singapore for at least 5 years.

Experience in ExxonMobil projects in Singapore.

Posted On: 13-Nov-2018
Singapore, West
Job No. 12727

Reporting to the Division Project Manager; the ProjectManager shall be responsiblefor the complete project life cycle which includes project planning, projectexecution, project controlling and project closure and leading the project team. Representing the company to client, initiating kick-offmeeting with clients and internal Departments.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Manage small to medium EPC Projects
  • Lead Tendering EPC projects
  • Conduct contract reviews, risk analysis and contingency plan
  • Organize proposal/project task force and plan staff allocation for effective use of resources
  • Establish project execution strategy. Setting project policy for quality, safety, cost and schedule
  • Review, monitor and analyze project operation
  • Handle the insurance, liabilities and warranties of the project
  • Review and approve project finance and control plan
  • Review and approve alternatives and deviations based on cost, schedule, and quality impacts.
  • Prepare overall budget cost plan and analysis
  • Review and approve EPC cost estimation
  • Develop market awareness of company’s capability and ensure that company is invited to participate in bidding
  • Evaluate overall project performance
  • Prepare Project Manger report



  • Bachelor degree of any four years BS Engineering course with about 10–12 years of experience or equivalent can be considered.

·        Have good knowledge of alldisciplines, including Process Technical knowledge.

·        Good Knowledge in Basic Designand P&ID

·        Solid trackrecord in EPC Project Management

·        Proven Leadership and Managementskills

  • Proven interpersonal and relationship building skill
Posted On: 12-Nov-2018
Singapore, West
Job No. 13241

Responsible in providingsolutions required for planning and designing facilities for process plant andtank terminal projects.

Location:Home office with site visits to constructionsite when requested

·        Study/review the scope of work, requirements for project execution andrequired deliverables.

·        Study/review the project schedule and confirm the design activities areplanned accordingly.

·        Estimation of engineering MH, monitoring and controlling of MHconsumption and productivity.

·        Prepare discipline estimation plan and engineering execution plan.

·        Perform / check detailed engineering work per code requirements, localregulations, design input information and vendor data (if applicable) withcheck lists.

·        Monitor deliverables issue schedule, update CDMS/DMS and prepare progressreport.

·        Liaise with other functional groups and project team for interfacework.

·        Perform and control of MTO, BOQ and cost estimation.

·        Prepare/review specifications and requisitions.

·        Prepare technical evaluation of vendor’s/subcontractor’s quotations.

       ·   Carry-out task force assignment from Project andperform the duty/responsibilities set forth accordingly.

Technical Knowledge/ Skills / Competencies 

·        Has detailedknowledge of Plot Plan, Piping Design and Plant Layout aspects

·        Proven understandingof Pipe Specification, Pipe Support Selection, Pipe Flexibility and StressAnalysis

·        Capableof pipe routing of all major process and utility piping in accordance withP&ID's and project standards, including specific service conditions and impacton piping design

·        Understand theconstructability, maintainability and operability of the facilities.

·        Computer literateand has experience to use MS Office, AutoCAD/MicroStation, 3D PDS/PDMS/CadWorxand Navisworks/Smart Plant Review (SPR)

·        Ability to conduct 3D ModelReview using Naviswork/SPR

·        Understand localcodes and standards in Singapore

·        Conversant withinternational codes and standards such as ASME, ANSI, API etc.

Familiarwith Shell’s DEP and ExxonMobil’s GP.

Posted On: 12-Nov-2018
Job No. 13242

·               Site office support on CSL sitestaffs HR/logistic, documentation control

·               Liaise with Home office ProjectAdmin for all administrative matters

·               Liaising with EM Project Admin forsite passes and other required application permit trainings (exceptconstruction permits) and entry application.

·               Material small purchases andcoordination with Home office procurement.

·               Liaise with EM logistic supervisorfor receiving and delivery matters



·               Driving license

·               Related experiences

·               Able to work well under pressure andtight deadlines