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Posted On: 12-Nov-2018
Job No. 11200
Responsiblefor study, design, specifications and services related to IEC and ANSI SystemMV Gas Turbine Generator (GTG), MV Switchgear including  LVSwitchgear/MCC/UPS System/Nav Aid  etc.
HaveFEED and Detail Engineering Design experiences on offshore MV GTG, MV and LVSwitchgear Single Lines, Block Diagrams, Schematics, etc. Have experiencedeveloping Single Line Diagrams, Specifications/Data Sheets, and performingTechnical Bid Evaluation for GTGs, PMS, review of vendordocument/data/drawings.Ableto work independantly and also together with a team of specialised ElectricalEngineers/ Designers for the complete FEED design project. Ableto work independantly and also together with a team of specialised ElectricalEngineers/ Designers for the complete FEED design project. Familiaritywith global electrical codes, standards and regulations ie IEC/ANSI, etc
Knowledgeof electrical system for assessment/compliance studies and reportsMinimum10 years relevant experience with FEED electrical design involving offshoreGTGs, MV and LV power distributionUnderstandingof Electrical system design and Electrical system studies.
Posted On: 20-Jul-2015
Job No. 9446
The position require a matured person who has consistent working experience in mechanical engineering in Engineering department and has consistently handled engineering activities of rotating/Package equipment for EPC nature of projects with sound technical back ground and responsibilities in selection, conduct basic design, check client specifications, review and control of detail engineering of vendor packages, review vendor factory and field acceptance test packages and ensure equipment performance to the given specification at site.

Nature of job: FEED, Detail Engineering, EPC or EPCm projects

Detail of work to be handled:

•Preparation of all engineering deliverables such as:

oMechanical data sheets

otechnical specifications

oTie-in, battery limit definitions for piping, instrument, electrical interfaces

oSpace control and management drawings/documents

oRequisitions, Clarifications, technical bid evaluations

oEquipment modification specifications

oBill of materials for construction scope of work and other construction required data for site work

oAny other related documents required for completion of work/assignments

•Produce error free deliverables to project/client

•Ensure design/deliverables are in conformance Code, standards and meet project specification requirements

•Checking of vendor documents for assuring compliance

•Smooth working with team of engineers for transfer of information

•Co-ordinate for all interface matters of rotating equipment system and ensure smooth exchange data/information matters between various disciplines

•Attend site work as required to complete engineering work, collect data, trouble shooting at site, performance check or handover of equipment/packages

•Prepare deliverable issue schedules of discipline work

•Support project for tender activities (write-up of technical proposals, estimate of man-hours, schedules)

•Status and work progress reporting

•Keeping records, files up to date and maintain library for the job handled