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Posted On: 20-Apr-2018
Job No. 13042

Reporting to Operations Manager, Operations Trainer is responsible to analyze and develop training and progression needs of operations to support the smooth and safe operations of the NExBTL and PTU production processes.

Key duties and responsibilities:


  • Build and sustain a learning culture in Operations
  • Ensure knowledge and skills are transferred effectively among the team to achieve Operations objective
  • Develop and maintain Operations training needs analysis
  • Develop and implement Operations training and progression program effectively
  • Prepare/Ensure availability of training materials from projects, MOC’s  and HSEQ
  • Work closely with various stakeholders (internal or external of Operations) to facilitate the effective execution of Training and Progression program
  • Plan and ensure resources available to ensure training effectiveness
  • Assist line manager to develop and implement training program to address under performance
  • Conduct training in area of specialty when appropriate
  • Ensure that lesson learnt from NCR, MOC or safety findings are effectively used as training materials to enhance competency of the team
  • Maintain training records and manage training software (License to Operate System)




  • Minimum Diploma in Chemical Engineering or equivalent
  • Minimum 10 years of relevant experience in oil refining and petrochemical processes including 5 years of training experience
  • Experience in change management
  • Strong planning and organizing skills
  • Good communicator and facilitator of knowledge transfer
  • High safety standard and strong influencing skills
  • Good team player and positive thinking